Stranger Danger

I stared at her.  I was lost in thought about a completely different subject and my eyes unthinkingly followed every person who walked by the Dunkin Donut’s window.  But she was different.  She stared back.  It took a few snaps for my mind to register that she was retuning my gaze.  A few more snaps to register confusion on her face.  A few more for her mouth to turn up, just slightly.  A few more for her idea to ignite a glow in her eyes that my mind could detect but not decipher, and a few more for her idea to be carried out- a noticeable head nod/ half bow.  

It was one of those moments described as an eternity, but none of my three companions noticed the exchange or caught my next few snaps of awkwardness after being caught staring and being acknowledged in such a polite way.  
My reaction was to spend an “eternity” letting my mouth drop open slightly, sensing my cheeks rounding and my eye muscles pulling back, showing delighted surprise without smiling, and sending an emotional reaction message meant only for her.  

It was magic.  I saw her sequence of emotions and I know she saw mine.  A stare turned into a bond through the cafe window. 

I spent the next 10 minutes robotically participating in the conversation with my companions and dissecting all that didn’t need to be dissected.  Do/should I know her?    

Did she think I was rude, and shouldn’t I find her and apologize?









wouldn’t we be best friends?




am I sure that just happened?


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