the Teacher becomes the Student

I should have known before I even started teaching.  My gram still talks about her teaching days and some of her old students.  I could have learned from her.  I could have learned that some kids find their way into your heart as you implore them day after day to do their homework and to stop making farting noises in class.  After 10 months of teaching in Korea, I’ve realized the individual personality of each kid has become my favorite part.

Friday was my last day as a teacher for a while.  I’ll be trying something new after catching up with the fam in the states.  But I won’t forget this year, and the students I taught- who taught me simultaneously.

Here’s the last of their wisdom:

Never be afraid to make a fart joke or a poop joke.  Even if you are the only 12 year old girl in a class full of boys.  Even if you are the only one laughing at the joke.

Never chew gum in a language class.  It makes it hard to pronounce difficult words clearly.  And you might choke while you’re thinking about what to say.

Repeat things that you hear often.  Such as “Wow, good job!” “Have a good weekend!” and “Let it go… let it go!”   Don’t worry about the appropriate time to say these things.  Also, try combining several together, like “Teacher, can I go to the water?”  or “Teacher, may I drink some bathroom?”

Don’t be afraid to fudge the rules a little.  Love almost rhymes with tub and rub.  I lub you too, students.

Try to relate things to make it easy to remember.  Food has so many compound words.  Pancake, meatball, cheesecake, milkshake.  Sunkist fits too, if your teacher isn’t paying attention.

Pick your nose in style.  Then, wait with your nose gold on your finger until its safe to sneak it into your mouth.  No matter how long you have to wait.

If you’re not sure if it’s a “C” or an “O”, just write the “C” with a really small opening.

Sometimes when you’re trying to talk, nodding your head in an exaggerated motion may help you get the words out.  Take a deep breath and start speaking when your head reaches the bottom of the nod.

Just because you’re not good at writing doesn’t mean you won’t shine when you’re belting out “Old MacDonald had a farm… EiEiOOOOOO!


Always look as cute as possible, even when all you have to show off is a hard-boiled, home decorated egg.

Last but not least, when someone corrects you, just go along with it.  For example, when you say “Teacher, me hungry” and are corrected- “Mickey, I’m hungry,”  just smile sweetly and say “Me too!”



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