a remarkably unbinding covenant

I find I need to write stuff down.

That said, I write notes to myself on sticky notes and post them in my room, on the fridge, on my computer.  I write notes on my iPod in the notes app, the flashcards app, the calendar app, and the Wunderlist app.  My favorite app is called Orchestra, and it’s just a giant to-do list.  When I’m really in an organizational mood, I write lists for the grocery store, and things I need to get done.  But mostly, my writings are for my memory.

I find when I write stuff down, I remember it.

I have been out of college for a period of time short enough to still miss some things dearly, but long enough to be very thankful that my life is moving forward.  In retrospect, I can also tell you something else about college: I learned more about myself, other people, and the social aspects of life than I did about the subjects I was supposed to be learning: music and religion.  I am not disappointed in this lack of book-larnin’ at all.  However, I have a great many things left to learn from books, and after this lovely break from scheduled learning, I intend to continue.  With the study aide of writing stuff down.

I don’t really know how blogs work, other than a writer vomits their thoughts onto the internet via a host site which promises the writer’s genius will be shared with the world.  Call me a cynic, but that genius will only get out granted the world reads blogs.  Considering my language skills are limited, I have already cut my audience down to 35% of the world (the English speakers), says a cute little internet pie chart from whom I have no expectations of accuracy nor any intention to cite.

My mistakes will be that I will not take the blogging world too seriously, and I will be laid back in my citations.  I will unselfishly share myself and thoughts but do not selfishly expect anyone to read or be impressed with my blogging endeavor.

As I have said, I find I need to write stuff down.  I have used this first post as a way to make a covenant with myself as I start my journey of after-college intellectualism.

1) I will read to continue learning.

2) I will write stuff down with the intention of improving my chances for retention.

3) I will not set positive or negative limitations for myself.

My only failure will occur if I do not learn.


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